New Videos: Danny Brown, R. Kelly, Leah LaBelle, Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa, Slum Village, Far East Movement


New music videos for your viewing pleasure. 1. Danny Brown – “Jay Dee’s Revenge”

Solid J Dilla tribute. Also, you gotta love Danny Brown for his clever wordplay in his verses. No wonder why he’s one of our favorite new rappers in the game. 2. R. Kelly (feat. DJ Khaled & Ace Hood) – “It’s On”
One minute he wants to be the soulful crooning black Sinatra, the next he’s poppin’ bottles in the club with strippers. We agree with keeping up with the times to stay relevant…just pick a side though Kellz! 3. Leah LaBelle – “Sexify”
Pharrell’s new shining star is the latest in “blue-eyed soul.” The song is safe—especially to be associated with Pharrell—but it doesn’t annoy. A little Alicia with a dash of Robyn’s fun persona, we may just have to watch out for this chick right here. 4. Maroon 5 (feat. Wiz Khalifa) – “Payphone” Check out Maroon 5 getting their Set It Off/The Town steez on in this new video! The “drama” is interesting to watch, but Wiz’s part is super random and could’ve easily been edited out. 5. Slum Village (feat. Focus… & Vice) – “God Sent/Hunger”
Dope beat, equally hot verses—just not too sure about the “homeless swag.” We ain’t know it was that hard out there in the rap slums son! 6. Far East Movement (feat. Tyga) – “Dirty Bass” Epileptics stay away! This fast-image-moving video will have your brain going all over the place. We appreciate the “fist-pumping” anthem though.