New Videos: Paypa, Torae & Troy Ave.


Paypa ft. Nick Ds, Raekwon & JD Era
“Tried To Tell “Em”
The Windy City just won’t stop producing hot rappers. Another cold spitta to add to your list goes by the currensy slang name, Paypa. Joined on this track by his homie Nick Ds, rap vet Raekwon and Rae’s new artist, JD Era, Paypa holds his fort down with a lot of vocals to choose from. Everyone does their bars service and Paypa comes away making a solid impression out of the mix. The beat thumps with aggression so it forces the four horsemen to ride it without pause (pause). Be on the look out for more work from them all. Get Paypa’s Henny On The Rocks 2 mixtape here.

“That Raw”
Brooklyn breds rap stars and since Torae is a BK kid, he’s a star by region and reppin’…and talent. Against a classic Pete Rock soundtrack, Tor gets his verbal gymnastics on for the listerner. We can only drift to the days of old when this type of hip-hop was the standard and could be measured by the amount of broken necks when heard. Salute to Torae for keeping a rugged NY style around for the masses. His album For The Record is out now, so cop some real hip-hop at iTunes.

Troy Ave.
“Free Base”
“Powder to the people!” is the chant that can be heard from Troy Ave, the main savior of “dope man” rap. To feel his lines you have to understand his background in the street serving lane and now switching to the rap stage serving fame. In this video frame, Troy is clearly a bit lit off the Pat & Ron and seemingly does the full 3-minute plus video in one take. He even takes a few moments to sip from his cup for dramatic effect. Grab up Bricks in My Backback 2 here