Not Cute


I’ve got a bone to pick. And I’m picking it with my co-workers, my best friend, and her boyfriend. The security guard in my building and the dude at the counter in the deli. The random woman I sat next to on the train and my neighbor I ran into on the staircase. I’m picking it with you. Yes, you.

My short, kinky hair is not “cute”!

What exactly is it about my mini afro puffs that give you the urge to cock your head sideways and raise your voice an octave? You can keep your “aww’s,” along with your gentle patting. I’m not a puppy. Honey, please. And no, thank you.

This is a Public Service Announcement: My bouncy, two-strand twists are NOT adorable. Neither my hair nor I got pushed back to pre-K when I shed my perm or weaving ways.

Just because my tresses aren’t cascading past my shoulders, doesn’t make me less of a woman. Just because I can’t toss my hair back when I laugh doesn’t make me less feminine. And just because I’m not rocking a cropped, straight pixie cut, a la Halle Berry, doesn’t mean I’m not sexy!

My short, kinky hair elongates my neck. My short, kinky hair defines my cheekbones. My short, kinky hair accentuates my almond-shaped eyes. My short, kinky hair is me.

Don’t doubt the power of my teeny weeny afro! It is mighty, it is badd (with two d’s!) and it’s as sexy as it makes me feel. There’s nothing cute, childish, or juvenile about it.

In fact, it’s everything that embarking womanhood embodies. It is confidence. It is self-acceptance. It is comfort in my own bare skin. It is owning and embracing my sexuality. It is freedom. And if that ain’t sexy as hell then to hell with you.

-Audra E. Lord

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