NY Man With $5,000 Refuses to Pay $12 Cab Fare


Sometimes those with most sometimes act the weirdest. Take this 55-year-old Syracuse man who was arrested last night after putting an innocent cab driver through an unnecessary ordeal.

According to the AP, a local taxi driver in Upstate New York area called the police after a man he drove to multiple places in search of “cheap cigarettes” refused to pay his $12 cab fare. Apparently, the man wasn’t satisfied with the price of the tobacco products at two different locations.

When it was time to pay, the man became disgruntled and urged the taxi driver to call the cops. The fed up cab driver followed suit and the authorities ended up arresting the man after he became uncooperative. A quick search of his pockets revealed that he was carrying over $5,000 in cash after all.

There’s no room in jail for penny-pinchers.

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