Ode to the Fly Bald Chick


You march to the beat of your own drum. You do not conform to the mainstream notion of femininity– which makes you even more beautiful. You stand out without trying. You are at ease and comfortable in your own skin. You are not afraid to be you. Stripped of all the unnecessary artifice, you radiate a natural beauty that is all your own — one that doesn’t rely on the approval of others. It’s a fearlessness that is not only respected, but sought after.

To walk down the street and cross paths with one of these women from time to time does something to me on the inside. My heart fills with an admiration and reverence for what seems to be a lack of self-consciousness, and a surplus of self-awareness. Her sense of style ranges from eclectic glamazon, to subdued and offbeat, to simplistic and understated. She is a welcome respite from the long, wavy-haired clones of late, whose lack of originality fails to penetrate the senses. It has always been evident in the media–women whose uselessness for hair turned them into an object of astonishment. So brave these women are–Grace Jones, Alek Wek, Eve Salvail, Amber Rose, etc. — that continue to show us that beauty is not one-dimensional.

In these times where hair, or more specifically long hair, is egregiously worshiped, a woman with less than an inch on her head is an anomaly. Which in most cases, it is. However few, I am nevertheless thankful, because too often the message is that beauty is superficial, self-glamorizing, and grounded in material trappings. So thank you, fly bald chick, for reminding us of the truth — that we are more than our hair.

- Princess Glover

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