Oh, Kanye…


Now you’ve grown, having seen the world and exploiting your luxuries from here, there and Paris. You only keep your filter off when you rap, making the studio a more appropriate backdrop for such activity. Yet you have been very verbal and somewhat public about your recent affection for Armenian bosstress Kim Kardashian. There is no doubt that your friendship has stemmed from years of keeping in touch through each other’s missteps in prior relationships. You both also have a knack for making paper and keeping blogs busy. Why shouldn’t you two be each other’s happy ending?

The obvious reason would be because you’re each other’s rebounds with more than enough ego than either of you can handle alone. She is still fighting through a nasty divorce with her ex-husband who she had no problem showering affection for in a multi-million dollar television special for all the world to eat up. By holding her hand, you’re cosigning a lifestyle condemned to zero privacy and fleeting interests. She is a business woman with a self-made brand to promote and little room for disruption.

Your purpose is music, a talent that should not be hindered by perfect publicity stunts and strategic displays of affection. Had you each given yourselves the time to shorten your itineraries and find room to reflect on yourselves then considered a dating relationship that did not begin with photos of Kim leaving your apartment, maybe there would have been a more supportive response. But you’ve been clear that you ain’t about that life. You do what and who you want. Just make sure that she is doing the same for the right reasons.