Ones To Watch: 9 Young Hollywood Stars To Look Out For

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Movie: Savages (July 6)
Resume: The starring role in “Kick-Ass” after nearly a decade in supporting gigs
Why You Should Care: Johnson startled a lot of superhero fans as the title hero in “Kick-Ass,” and now he gets to play Oliver Stone’s muse in the director’s high-octane drama about a kidnaping by the Mexican drug cartel. As a pot enthusiast who has to win his (shared) girlfriend back alongside Taylor Kitsch, the 21-year-old gets to share the screen with John Travolta, Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro.

Movie: Sparkle (Aug. 17)
Resume: A whole lot of “One Life To Live” and arcs on TV shows like “The Game” and “Gossip Girl”
Why You Should Care: After scoring a small role in “Think Like a Man,” Sumpter is ready to keep the summer rolling in “Sparkle,” where she plays one of Jordin Sparks’ character’s sister and forms a girl group with the prospective star. Sure, 99% of the “Sparkle” audience will be there to see Whitney Houston’s last performance and Jordin Sparks’ first one, but Sumpter could finally earn the film breakthrough she deserves.

Movie: Dark Shadows (May 11)
Resume: The foul-mouthed Hit-Girl in “Kick-Ass,” and the lovely Isabelle in the Oscar darling “Hugo”
Why You Should Care: At only 15 years old, Moretz has demonstrated a remarkable range, whether as the warm heart of “Hugo” or a 12-year-old vampire in “Let Me In.” Before she takes on the title role in the remake of “Carrie,” Moretz will increase her profile as Michelle Pfeiffer’s daughter in the Johnny Depp vehicle “Dark Shadows.”

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