Pardon The Introduction: Rebecca Ferguson


Rebecca Ferguson

Birth Date: 7/21/1986
Hometown: Liverpool, England
Occupation: Singer, Syco/Columbia Records
Album: Heaven (Available in the U.S. 5/29/12)

Earliest music memory: At age 3 or 4, teachers would seat me with a paper and pen to draw. But I’d tell everybody I’m writing a song about my life. Really they were just squiggly lines, but that’s when I knew I wanted to sing
Current three favorite rappers: T.I., Drake and Nicki Minaj
If I could be an animal, I’d be: A leopard or cheetah. I’ve always been fascinated by felines
Go-to snack: Maltesers
Most attractive quality on the opposite sex: Eyes
Side hustle: I’ve got children, so I write children’s books for them. I plan on publishing them, but I’m focused on music. So maybe next year
I feel sexiest when: I slip on a brand-new dress
Most embarrassing stage moment: My dress came undone while I was on tour [laughs]! You couldn’t see it, but I had to pull up the dress
Biggest musical influences: Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Lisa Gerrard
Why I’m about to blow: My voice is unusual. I’m quite a vulnerable singer, and I used to think that was a hindrance. But I’ve learned that it’s a strength, because a lot of people feel vulnerable—and they relate to me. I’m not the person onstage that thinks she’s amazing, but I own that. That’s my strength. —Adelle Platon