Pardon The Introduction: “Single Ladies” New Hot Girl Denise Vasi

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New girl Denise Vasi shined last night in her season two debut of VH1’s Single Ladies. Take a good look at the small screen’s baddest

Denise Vasi

Age: 29
Hometown: Brooklyn
Occupation: Actress

First job: Modeling. I got signed to Ford Modeling Agency when I was 12
Best dining spot: R. Thomas Deluxe Grill in Atlanta
When the acting bug hit: As a little girl playing dress up, putting on makeup and telling stories was always something I enjoyed. I loved playing pretend
Favorite flick of all time: Goodfellas
My strip club philosophy: I won’t say you won’t find me in a strip club. I won’t say you will
My pre-audition routine: Before the Single Ladies audition, I had Rihanna’s Talk That Talk blasting. I was in seven-inch Yves Saint Laurent heels dancing all over the lobby in VH1 like it was a club. I use music a lot in my work. That’s how I get away from focusing on who will be in the room and get out of my head
Why I’m About to Blow: Because I’m working my ass off! Stacey Dash did a fantastic job portraying Val, but I’ve come on board to play Raquel—it’s two different characters. Raquel will be dealing with heavy emotions and she’ll be left with a lot questions in regards to herself, life and love. Processing who the character is at her core, where she lost herself and the journey of rediscovery was where the work lied. I believe the audience will recognize the character work and the thought I’ve put into Raquel. —Brad Wete