Pilar Sanders Speaks Out Against Deion Sanders’ Lies


Mums is no longer the word for Pilar Sanders now that the judge has released her gag order. She can now defend herself against all of the ruthless statements Deion Sanders has made to the media while she was silenced. It’s no surprise that her revelations regarding him are harsh, it’s nice to finally hear both sides to this story.

“I’ve been silent since September. Once Deion’s secret life was revealed and he laid all of his cards on the table, I just wanted a civil divorce for the sake of my children. This didn’t have to go down like this, I obeyed the court, tried to protect my kids from hearing all of the trash talk, but still their father approached it like another ball game.”

The messy public divorce will come to its peak sooner or later, but until then, they might as well bite each others heads off verbally, right? Pilar’s attorney, Larry Friedman, stated:

“There are no winners in the divorce process, and there’s nothing that justifies an adolescent dance in a retired football uniform to taunt Pilar, the focus should be on the best interest of the children and not on Mr. Sanders’ glorious past, forgotten football career.”
The recent reports that Deion has gained custody of the children are also false, says Pilar.

“Seeing that Deion uses our children and the word ‘God’ in trying to disguise his image, I think enough is enough.  He only cares about himself, manipulating and cheating to distract from the truth and let’s not forget about his open and flagrant philandering. No one deserves to be treated like this, no one. I need the facts known and hopefully Deion’s public will convince him to just stop showing off, handle this situation fairly like a real man, and let my children and me get on with our lives.”
The truth of the matter is, there’s always three sides to a story: what he said, what she said and the truth.