Preview The Mishka [Мишка] Summer ’12 Collection


Check out Bay Area-bred clothing line Mishka’s (stylized ?????) Summer 2012 Lookbook!

Here’s how they’re describing this season’s line:

“For this installment we headed to the Bay Area, enlisting Bloglin contributor and all around ????? man Zachg to round up a who’s who in the San Francisco/Oakland scene. Decked out in all our brand new gear, these 9 artists hit the streets of The City with Brandon Tauszik there to shoot and edit the whole thing. From ????? veterans Main Attrakionz to new friends like master twerker Chippy Nonstop, Antwon and Bad Slorp, and production duoFriendzone, the Lookbook has it all.”

Check out pics of these dope pieces in the following gallery, and make sure you pick up your favorites as the line is available now!

Here’s the Summer ’12 teaser vid too: