Rihanna Reportedly Snags “Fast and Furious” Role

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Bajan beauty Rihanna has yet to make her debut on the silver screen with the upcoming film Battleship, and has managed to score her next role already. RiRi has reportedly landed a role as a villain in the sixth installment of the Fast and Furious series.

A fitting role for the notoriously badass singer, Rihanna will play a deadly femme fatale alongside heartthrobs Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and The Rock, according to The Sun. A source for the U.K. newspaper, reported that filming will take place in London, where the movie will also be set, in May.

“Rihanna impressed with her acting debut in Battleship,” the source said. Writers think she’ll be perfect for the role. Her character has plenty of bite and doesn’t take any prisoners — just like her in real life. It’s a step up the ladder for her and could lead to bigger action roles.”

If this will in fact be RiRi’s next appearance on the big screen, it may end up being a favorite of her and her fans alike. Stay tuned.