Rihanna Turns Heads With SNL Performance

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Rihanna really upset show producers on Saturday (May 5) when she failed to show up for the final dress rehearsal of “Saturday Night Live.” From TMZ:

According to our sources, RiRi called in sick for the dress rehearsal, which is done live in front of a studio audience right before the actual show. We’re told Michaels takes dress rehearsals very seriously and was quite upset when Rihanna bailed at the last minute.Our sources say that in her place, Rihanna’s choreographer danced to her songs.When Rihanna showed up later looking just fine, we’re told the staff was shocked … and felt she didn’t appear sick enough to have missed the dress rehearsal … though no one from the show called her on it.

Rihanna was even seen casually strolling around eating an apple as if nothing was wrong, sources say, and producers “can’t even remember” the last time someone bailed on a dress rehearsal. But according to Rihanna’s rep, she was “sick and needed to rest her voice.” Despite being “sick,” Rihanna killed her live sets with high energy. There was no third installment of “Shy Ronnie” (or appearances by RiRi in any skits, as previously mentioned), but below is her electrifying performance of the footwork-heavy “Where Have You Been.”