Rules to Going Braless — The Not-So-New Summer Trend


1. No Sheer! Unless you want strangers to have peeks at your private goodies, keep your nipples covered. Be sure to wear a fabric that a little heavy. If you opting for a dress shirt, make sure it’s denim, chambray, anything…just not see-through.

2. Readjust! Plunging necklines are all the rave, but if the double-sided tape isn’t adhered strongly, you could be the victim of a horrific nip-slip. Sounds fun, right? Wrong! If you need to bend down, be sure to readjust before and after to prevent any sneak peeks.

3. Cover up! When it’s hot outside, the temperature inside buildings is usually on freeze. To combat your miniature soldiers standing at attention and embarrassing head-lighting, throw on a light jacket or sweater while inside.

4. It Ain’t For Everybody! Ladies, realize that going braless isn’t trendy for every woman. If executed poorly on a large chested lady, chances are it looks trashy. Be mindful of your style choices and how your rocking this made-for-summer look!

Will you go bra-less this summer? If so, share with us YOUR tips!