SMH! Father Puts Son in Washing Machine


Authorities in Camden, New Jersey are searching for the family of a prank gone bad and nearly tragic at a laundry facility. Surveillance video captured a father putting his toddler inside one of the washing machines and then shutting the door on May 11, 2012.

As soon as he closed the door, the machine starts to run and the man and his lady companion begin to panic. Both parents tried to open the washing machine while the boy tumbles around inside but the automatic lock wouldn’t allow them to. An employee then quickly unplugs the machine, retrieves the child and the family runs out of the laundromat.

Although he was tumbling around for more than a minute, injuries were minor. Some people are just not equipped with the common sense to be parents and this was a practical joke that had the potential to go way worse than it did.

Peep the surveillance footage below.