Do Displays of Affection on Social Media Reflect a Happy Relationship?


With the rise of social media, the conventional norms of relationships have seemed to do the opposite. Whether sexting, tweeting every intimate detail or changing your Facebook status at the slightest hint of provocation from your significant other, many of today’s generation is inviting the public into a private realm that used to lie behind closed doors.

But does the profile photo changes and lyrical Tweegrams really reflect the status of one’s relationship? It depends on the individual.

Take the private peeper whose web presence is virtually nonexistent. It requires a good amount of self-discipline to refuse participating in Facebook or Twitter, especially when celebrities, who have multiple bookings a day, can still find time to give the world 140-character updates. Does this person’s lack of a social media life mean that their interaction with loved ones is any less real? Not necessarily. It took Beyoncé more than four years to jump on the tweet-and-tumbl wagon and release intimate photos of her and Jay. People who keep their love lives secret often find other vehicles to express their affection, whether it be through music or private engagements. No need to @ someone your feelings so they know it’s real.