Sound Off: Have Reality TV Shows Gone Too Far?

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There’s no better time to be pissed off at reality TV.

Now that you’ve seen our June/July cover, what do you think? We’ve come to expect a little ’bow-throwing. But with episodes of shows like Basketball Wives and Love & Hip-Hop looking more like a Fight Club reenactment, some viewers have had enough. Former host of The View Star Jones even called for Vh1 to put the kibosh on Evelyn Lozada’s Wives spin-off series with fiancé Chad Ochocinco. And Shaunie O’Neal released a statement or two disassociating herself from the show’s physical drama while vowing a fisticuffs-free future season.

It’s not just women of color. had this to say recently about the Kardashians’ over-exposure:

“Coupled with the recent news that the Kardashian family’s reality TV show has been renewed for another three years, I am especially worried about the message the media is sending my daughter, my son and their generation. Who are their role models? Why are we rewarding reality TV’s exploitation of women’s bodies? Are looks, for women, more important than their brains or their talents? Is hyper-sexualization and self-objectification now a legitimate path to success in America?”

Are viewers to blame or should reality TV stars represent themselves better? Are they really role models? Have reality shows gone too far or is it just entertainment? And why do you keep watching?

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