Step Away From the Computer: 3 Reasons Not to e-Stalk


There is a whole lot of power at our fingertips when it comes to looking up things on the Internet, which includes doing a little behind-the-scenes snooping/stalking of the men who are in—or who we want to be in—our lives. The urge to go HAM with Google searches, Twitter timelines, and Facebook walls is realer than ever, however before you place your finger on the keyboard and get to typing yourself into an emotional breakdown, let me remind you of three reasons you need to think before you click.

1. You’re going to see something you don’t like: This just a given, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see something bad, but we can guarantee a side-eye will ensue as a result of some poke, like, comment, tag, wall post, friendship, status, photo, retweet, hasthag, or anything else under the social media sun that you know will set you off—possibly without reason. If you’re looking for proof of something, you will find it and likely not know what to do with it, which brings me to my second point.

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