Step Away From the Computer: 3 Reasons Not to e-Stalk


  • You’re going to jump to rash conclusions: That’s because you don’t know any better. Our social media presence is like one-tenth of who we really are so when you see some girl liked your guy’s status or made a funny comment, you’re going to get all in your feelings about who she is and what she means to him when she really might be his best friend, cousin, sister, or any other platonic associate. Social media stalking is almost completely based on reading between the lines and making assumptions and we all know what that does.
  • You can’t do anything with that information: Sure, you could cut the guy off without explanation because you saw he checked in to Chipotle at 6:05 when he told you he didn’t eat until 6:30, but the thing about e-stalking is you can’t admit you did it. Therefore, anything you find is basically background information that you can’t bring up in conversation and that you’re going to have to warn yourself not to bring up in an argument. The minute you try to bring up something you saw online, you’ll pretty much be tuned out or just look like the crazy e-stalker that you are. #NoBueno.