Student Faces Suspension Over Hairstyle with NBA Player


Remember the days when you couldn’t wear Uggs or a rosary to class? Now you can add haircuts and NBA players to that list.

A young San Antonio Spurs fan could be suspended if he doesn’t remove the image of player Matt Bonner shaved into the back of his head. Patrick Gonzalez of Woodlake Hills Middle School idolized the Spurs forward so much he had a hairstylist incorporate Bonner’s face into his shape-up.

The school’s principals fear that Gonzalez’ ‘haircut’ will spark rebellion among the students. “There was no permission that was given if the parent thought that then it was a miscommunication,” District official Aubrey Chancellor told a local Fox News affiliate. “Whether it’s the spurs or whether it’s the cowboys anything people obviously support, it doesn’t matter.”

Gonzalez would not have been admitted into school Thursday if he kept the same ‘do.

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