The Many Shades of Kim K


If there was one aspect of Kim Kardashian’s life that I thought was all roses and sunshine without a hint of shade, it was her fashion sense. The girl’s romantic history is as dark and shady as they come, which is why most of us can’t stand to look at her anymore. But when it comes to clothes, she can dress her voluptuous you-know-what off. Ask Andre Leon Talley and Ralph Rucci how much they care about that. The answer is not at all.

Piggybacking off of rumors that Anna Wintour had Kim K blackballed from the Met Gala a few weeks back, Vogue’s Editor-at-Large and his designer protégé were quick to shut down Kim’s influence on the fashion industry and even her celebrity credibility. Here’s what Andre had to say in an interview with Fashionista:

“What’s shocking to me is how important the red carpet is. At one point I thought it was ruining [fashion] but I don’t think that anymore. I don’t think any celebrity can take away from fashion. Not even Kim Kardashian could take away from fashion…Though, of course, Kim Kardashian didn’t come to the Metropolitan Met Ball but Kanye West did.”

I take it he’s not a fan of either one of them. Ralph Rucci jumped right in after that comment and told the site how he really feels.

“And see that’s the thing: Many people who I think are the celebrities, other people don’t think are the celebrities [implying that he doesn’t think Kim Kardashian is a celebrity.]”

Does that mean he would never dress Kim Kardashian for an event? Absolutely.

“I think that’s bastardizing yourself [as a designer],” he said.

Ouch. It’s clear Kim is on just about everybody’s shade list right now.