‘Think Like A Man’ Banned in French Theaters?

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Steve Harvey’s Think Like a Man ruled the box office for four weekends and it was beyond a surprise to critics. Based on Harvey’s hit book giving women tips on how to act like a lady but think like a man, it grossed in $33 million its first weekend. After taking the cake of being number one in the U.S. you would think it would do the same overseas.

Allegedly France didn’t even give it a chance to see box office glory. The predominantly black cast has been cited as the reason for the film being banned. According to a post published on the Facebook page of Negro News, “The French state has had a sociopolitical strategy which favors interracial relationships rather than valuing communities. In the comedy ‘Think Like A Man,’ the focus is on black couples.”

The ban is quite ironic, especially since all of the couples in the film are not just black couples, we also see an interracial relationship with the characters Gabrielle Union and Jerry Ferrara. France prides itself in culture, and to not represent the African-American people is just questionable.

What do you think about the ban of Think Like a Man in France?