Bothersome Boos: Tips To Combat Your Significant Other’s Annoying Habits


Video games – The consoles come with every relationship package, but unfortunately, the women rarely have the power to turn them off. Ever find yourself trying to get some beauty rest when all you hear is your man on his Xbox blowing buildings up and shooting at enemies ’til the wee hours of the morning? Our best advice is to either make a separate game room outside the bedquarters or stash eye masks and ear plugs on the nightstand. However, the best alternative could be to try your hand at his favorite pastimes, too. Maybe then he’ll respond more quickly to your ‘call of duty.’

Gas – Any type of bodily emission from a man is never a good thing. While passing gas is normal for every human being, it seems more common for guys. Once a man is truly at ease around you, he has no problem ‘letting go’ whenever he feels the need. Make sure you equip your bed and baths with air fresheners that kill the stink on contact. And if you find that your beau frequently belches after a hearty meal, hold your breath until the worst has passed.

Household Duties – Unless his momma taught him how to clean up after himself, a man will most likely let his laundry pile up and his apartment turn upside down before he’s given an important reason to do otherwise. Never offer to do it for him. You’re his lady, not his maid. Instead, provide some incentive for his hard work. For every good deed, he gets a treat of his choosing after. Who said cleaning had to be such a humdrum task?

Procrastination – Even the most hardworking people get attacked with the feeling every once in a while but delaying on the daily is not a good look. If you’ve been pushing and shoving your man to apply for a new job or plan a vacation with you, understand that men are creatures of routine. How they approach one thing (household duties), they will probably treat others the same (except video games). As his chick, be as supportive as you would want him to take initiative. Should he need help revision with his resume, sit down and help him through it. If his organization techniques lack, guide him through the planning process. When you help your man reach success, you’ll often find that he’s your number one cheerleader too.