Top Ingredients to Look For In Natural Hair Products


Transitioning to natural hair means shopping for new hair products. We often wonder what ingredients will help our natural curls grow and stay healthy. Organic and unrefined ingredients always work the best on natural black hair.

If you are a natural newbie or natural hair pro wondering what to look for in hair products, we have created a list to consider for reference for product purchases.

1. Shea Butter – this helps to reduce the amount water that is lost in your hair. It melts easily in hair and absorbs into dry hair well.

2. Coconut Oil – this ingredient is perfect for sealing moisture into the hair. Also, it helps to make your natural hair shine instead of it looking dull.

3. Aloe Vera – It helps to restore the pH levels of the scalp. Also, aids with hair growth.

4. Jojoba Oil – Works to fix damaged ends.

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Used often for as a deep conditioner. It helps to seal moisture and softens the hair.

6. Avocado Oil – Works great as a conditioning treatment. Packed with vitamins A, D, and E, this oil helps to improve hair growth.

7. Vegetable Glycerin – Helps your hair lock in moisture by creating a layer of oil over your hair’s strands.

8. Castor Seed Oil – Ensures a clean scalp. If you had a hair loss, it helps to increase the thickness of thinning edges.

9. Sesame Oil – Protects the hair from harsh temperatures.

10. Tea Tree Oil – Used a remedy for dry scalp, but should not be over applied.

11. Grapeseed Oil – It is a light oil that easily absorbed by natural hair.

12. Sweet Almond Oil – Helps to get rid of flaky, itchy scalp.

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