Trash to Treasure


A good bargain never goes out of style. It’s even more fashionable when it’s free! That’s why this past summer we dished our insider tips on one of our favorite pastimes—thrifting! (Check out Thrifting 101.) Ever since, we’ve become even bigger fans of swapping. Trade in your old threads for new closet additions at little to no cost. There are so many ways to try it—on the web, at the store, or among trendy girlfriends. Here’s how . . .


The major perk of swapping online is the opportunity to swap clothes even when they’re out of season. There’s someone on the other side of the globe waiting to swap their designer trench coat for your gently-worn sundress. The downside is that you have to take the time to photograph the actual item. Remember, presentation and lighting is key! We recommend adding personal flair: Attach cute ribbons with the price tag, display on a vintage mannequin, and definitely photograph against a solid (preferably white) background. The more you put into presentation, the more value it adds to your listed item.