Tyson Beckford and Romeo Starring in New Celebrity Dating Show


If you’ve ever dreamt of getting your hands on Tyson or Romeo’s tear-worthy abs, now’s your chance. Fox is debuting a new show that’s like The Voice meets The Bachelor and these sexy men are a part of the cast. In each episode of the new series titled, The Choice, four celebrities sit in spinning chairs and listen to non-famous prospective dates pitch themselves. Over the course of three rounds, the contestant pool is paired down until each celebrity has chosen their date for the evening and then the two get the chance to really hit it off. See The Voice resemblance?

A total of 24 celebs will star on the show and lucky for us vixens, the majority are men. In addition to Tyson and Romeo, Finesse Mitchell will also be a contestant, along with The Jersey Shore’s Pauly D and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, the Kardashian’s brother, Rob, and even a more seasoned gentleman or two like Warren Sapp and Dean Cain.

Fox’s alternative series guru Mike Darnell swears there was real chemistry between some of the couples so we’ll have to tune in June 7 when the show airs to see what all that’s about—although we’re still trying to figure out what happened to Tyson’s relationship with model girlfriend, Shanina Shaik. Maybe he’s trading her in for a woman out of the spotlight.