Usher Details Violent Situation While On Trial For Child Custody


Usher’s child custody trial with ex-wife Tameka Foster is getting very ugly. He finally took the stand to defend himself against her allegations that he’d rather party than see his kids. He responded by detailing an incident one night where Tameka tried to get violent with him and his current girlfriend and manager Grace Miguel. In video obtained by TMZ in court, Usher testified Tameka walked to his car and said, “I’m gonna kick your ass. Bitch get out of the car. How dare you bring this woman into my subdivision in my house?” and adding, “She continued to spit. At this point she pulled the door open, tried to swing at her.” In the midst of the altercation, Usher claims Tameka hit him as well. It’s sad when situations like this get out of control, especially for the two kids involved. Some of these allegations are really intense, so we just pray that they hatch things out legally before anything gets too out of hand in trial. Usher describes the incident: Usher breaking down in court: