Usher Grilled In Court About Sleeping With Tameka’s Bridesmaid


With the cameras rolling Usher’s child custody trial is being followed as closely as the last season of Desperate Housewives. After the singer’s teary testimony about being attacked by his ex-wife, Tameka’s lawyer dropped a whopper on the R&B superstar. While being cross-examined yesterday in Fulton County court “about his claim that Tameka brings nannies in and out of their children’s lives,” Usher was asked if he had sexual relations with one of Tameka’s bridesmaids. TMZ reports: Tameka’s lawyer asked Usher if one of the nannies in question had “left Miami because you were discovered in bed with Maya Fox Davis?” Sources close to the couple tell TMZ Davis was a bridesmaid for Tameka … and the alleged incident happened during their marriage. Usher’s attorney quickly objected, but you gotta watch the clip to see how it played out in court. There’s also a contentious exchange between Usher and Tameka’s lawyer regarding that whole spitting incident. The trial is in recess, and will be back in session in July. Until then … there’s always “Revenge.”