V Exclusive! B.o.B. Remembers the Beastie Boys’ MCA


VIBE.com recently spoke with B.o.B. about his new 2012 Olympics anthem “Champions,” featuring alternative rock group O.A.R. (hopefully you caught them performing the track live last night on Jay Leno). However, as our conversation got deeper into our shared love for hip-hop, we touched on the passing of Adam Yauch—known to many as MCA—of legendary hip-hop group The Beastie Boys.

Here’s what he had to say about the NY legend:

“My heart genuinely goes out to the family of [Adam Yauch]. My memories of him are just with the Beastie Boys in general. [They had] this attitude of just a in-your-face, ‘We doing this shit! We know we killing it’ vibe. For me, as an MC, to see them do that had a strong impact on me—especially at that age when you’re just wide open to creativity. That was the impact that he had on me.”
—As Told To Keenan Higgins