V Exclusive! Yelawolf on MCA’s Death: “Beastie Boys changed the perception of Hip-Hop”


Yelawolf gave VIBE.com an exclusive statement on the death of the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch aka MCA.

“Man… this is terrible news. I’m so bummed out about it. I really don’t have the words. I cover Paul Revere every night and I just covered “Fight For You’re Right” with Kid Rock A few days ago. The Beastie Boys changed the perception of Hip-Hop and Rock & Roll forever. MCA, we all love you man. It was an honor to meet you. I feel very fortunate to have shook the hand of a true legend. You will never ever be forgotten nor replaced. You’re one of kind. Now you’re an angel. We’ll all be there one day chillin’ up top. God bless those closest to you, you’re family and close friends. My prayers go out for your hearts. It is a true loss, but please know that the world gained from his life. RIP brother… Beastie Boys Forever and long live Rock and Roll!!!! Love.” — Yelawolf

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