V Playlist: Chief Keef, Prodigy, Goodie Mob, Sean Kingston Feat. T.I., Curren$y Feat. 2 Chainz, Childish Gambino


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1. Chief Keef – “Cashing Out (Freestyle)”/ “Everything Foreign”
Both of these seem to be freestyles or off-the-dome recordings, so the mediocrity is forgivable. However, if you’re trying to join the new school of hip-hop, ya flowsgotta be harder fam! A Kanye co-sign isn’t enough.

2. Prodigy – “Pretty Thug”
When you realize that he’s actually referring to his chick as a ‘pretty thug’ and not himself, it makes the infamous Havoc Twitter allegations less ironic. Dope beat nonetheless.

3. Goodie Mob – “Is That You God”
Fresh soulful track from the newly reunited Goodie Mob. This is definitely a sit-back-and-reflect tune.

4. Sean Kingston (feat. T.I.) – “Back 2 Life (Live It Up)”
“But what don’t kill me, make me stronger/ I know it’s gonna be alright/So we celebrating it tonight/Yo we celebrating life tonight.” On this song about celebrating life, we can hear in Sean’s voice the newfound outlook on life he received after the accident that almost took his own. Glad to hear him making fun tunes again.

5. Curren$y (feat. 2 Chainz) – “Capitol”
Since Curren$y is the go-to guy for a chill, laid back, smokers anthem, the relaxed nature of this song is not surprising—and that’s a good thing. Spark one to this for sure.

6. Childish Gambino – “We Ain’t Them”
Gambino dissects the rap game and where he stands amongst it all. This shows off his natural storytelling flow—a classic form of rapping that’s missing in hip hop, which makes Gambino an important player right now.