V Premiere! Wallpaper feat. Too Short “Butt2Butt” (Video)


VIBE debuts Wallpaper’s latest visual for their new single, “Butt2BUtt” (feat. Too Short). The Epic Record’s new recruits are currently working on their debut album, due out on Sept. 18, but you can purchase Wallpaper’s #STUPiDFACEDD EP now.

VIBE: So we just took a look at the new video, how did you get Too $hort on the song?
RR: I always wanted to be but never thought I would become friends with $hort. We hit the studio together for the first time and he was late as I expected, but it wasn’t a big deal. So he show ups like ‘sorry man,’ and I’m thinking what’s his excuse going to be, and he’s like ‘I was helping my brother move a couch.’ [Laughs]. Then we get in the studio and the chemistry was just great. He was surprisingly nice and a kind dude.He asked me to produce a single for his latest album which came out a few months ago. Whenever I bump into him now it’s like we’re old friends because we did a bunch of things together already.