Vintage Vixen: Headsprung


[Ed. note: Vintage Vixen is a new addition to the content family. In this section, you will find articles from Vixen’s print days that are trendsetting and still the definition of sexy.]

Stacks? So passe. Finger wave? Not so much. And don’t even mention the Jheri curl. The ‘80s left a host of dated hairstyles in its wake, yet somehow, the weave endured, despite the “horse tail” jokes, men who desired the real thing, and academics who suggested it was a sign of wanting to be white. Weaves survived to become a multi-billion-dollar business around the globe. Modern weaves originated when one creative Ohio housewife, Christina Jenkins, invented and then patented an alternative to wigs in 1950. Throughout the 1960’s these bulky hair pieces were generally worn by chemotherapy patients and people with alopecia, a skin disease that causes hair loss. But by the 80’s, weaves beat out the once booming wig industry as the leading hair embellish-er. Today, large numbers of black women wear some kind of extensions, with some boldly changing looks the way others switch handbags. Weaves have a history as strong as the techniques used to put them in- whether sewn, braided, bonded, or glued. Lets take a look back on some weave trends throughout the years. –Ayana Byrd (VIBE Vixen, Spring 2005)

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