Vintage Vixen: Headsprung


Big AND BAD: The 80’s
In the decade that ushered in the Gumby, asymmetric cuts, and hair bands, big bold weaves were a natural fit. For ladies who wanted to conjure a little Vanity 6, weaves provided what genetics may have denied them. Two bundles of hair and the right-technician and any look became possible. These weaves were teased and voluminous, often with an S-Curl wave. Back then you always knew when a woman had a weave. It was impossible to find a black woman in Hollywood without one. Janet traded her innocent press and curl Different Strokes look for “Miss Jackson if you’re nasty” weave. She was joined by legions, including Robin Givens, Lisa Bonet (whose hair seemed like it was a different length in almost every episode of A Different World) and Tisha Campbell and her crew of “wannabes” in School Daze. And with waist length tresses on supermodels like Iman and Naomi Campbell, the pages of magazines were soon filled with weaves, too.

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