Vintage Vixen: Headsprung


A MultiCulti Hair Odyssey: The ’00’s
Schools, housing, and radio may still be segregated, but as we move farther into the new century, the hair weave industry is living Dr. King’s dream. Whether it was teens in the suburbs who wanted a little more bounce in their bobs or Britney Spears onstage with an extra bundle of blond, white women have literally attached themselves to the style like never before. As this rainbow coalition of the willing keeps the technique alive, black women have started to look beyond the lengthy, straight styles that have long been weave favorite. Once the hoopla from Erykah Badu’s dreadlock extensions died down, women in Harlem, Oakland, London, and Paris began experimenting with weaves of kinky hair.

Who knows what the future of weave may hold but if you believe it than you can weave it!

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