Vintage Vixen: Tips to Getting Down and Dirty


Don’t Hold Your Tongue
If you want to make your man quiver try a little clever wordplay. Talking dirty is a skill, but it’s not hard to learn-even if you’re used to playing the good-girl role. First, you’ll need to figure out if he’s game and be sure to have that chat when you’re out of the bedroom to avoid an awkward situation. Next would be practice, practice, practice. Flip through erotica novels, listen to voice overs of late night phone commercials, and scan porn sites for ideas. You’ll discover your own nasty-girl voice and you’ll uncover some steamy sex scripts to steal at the same time. Try some of those lewd lines out on your man. Pay attention to his reactions to figure out what turns him on. When all else fails, if you’re still unsure about what to say in the heat of the moment just ask your partner what they want to hear.

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