Vintage Vixen: Tips to Getting Down and Dirty


Dress For The Occasion
If you think silky lingerie doesn’t make a difference because you’ll only be wearing it for 3.2 seconds, think again, It makes a huge difference…to you. Sure, you want to wear something that’ll drive your man crazy. But what will get his heart (and other essential parts) pumping overtime is lingerie that heightens your own confidence. When you’re buying the outfit, remember to pick lingerie that accentuates your best body part. If you’ve got a booty, work some lacy boy shorts and forget about a G-string. Love your breasts? A demi-cut bra or sexy camisole could be your thing, just make sure you have enough support. Got a rock solid body/ Slip into a sheer teddy. What’s not hot? finger fumbling fabrics. Skip anything with too many buttons, confusing zippers, or skin tight cling that he’ll need some crisco and a spatula to get you out of.

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