Vixen Chat: ‘Bad Girls Club’ Star Wilmarie Sena Talks Making Amends With Nikki, Upcoming Projects & More


VIBE Vixen: Tracking back to BGC days, what was it like coming in towards the end of the season being the new girl replacing Ashely?

It was kind of weird because when I entered the limo the vibe was kind of like they were done doing the whole show. So I come in all excited because I’m like new to the house and they’re all like yea we are done with this we want to go home. It was such a weird energy, but I made it work and I didn’t let their energy affect me and I was just on with my happy self.

On the show you were portrayed as a drunk, tell me how things have changed from then until now.

It’s crazy because the show showed that I was a crazy drunk but I’m really not. Now I really don’t go out partying that much and you got to understand in BGC you have nothing to do but drink and party so I’m kind of really mellow, I’ll go out to a bar for a few drinks and then I’m done.

Have you and Nikki ever made amends?

Actually we recently did, it’s freaking hilarious. It’s been 2 years and she used to @ me on Twitter, never followed me, but used to @ me little insider jokes and I would retweet. But now it’s kind of like I follow you and she re-followed, so it’s like ok we’re good.

So kind of like it’s Twitter validated?

Yea, it’s been 2 years, its kind of over, she’s grown up, she’s dong her personal training stuff and she’s not getting on my nerves so I’m good (laughs).

You recently tweeted “Each bad girl is different in her own way and that y’all hate when the public compares y’all. What do you think makes you different from all the rest?

I think I’m different because I was one of the replacements that actually took charge and took more of an initiative than the originals. I really don’t try to be a “bad girl,” like I came into the house and I wanted to party and just have fun and I was very real and it was always me 100%. I think every girl is unique in her own way, and I’m very quiet, but when I’m approached I can be a fighter.