Vixen Chat: ‘Bad Girls Club’ Star Wilmarie Sena Talks Making Amends With Nikki, Upcoming Projects & More


Tell me about your new role in Anna and Modern Day Slavery.

I’m so excited about that because its kind of a mix between The Hacker world and human trafficking and I’m a big advocate for that. I want to open peoples eyes because people don’t know that its one of the top 3 illegal markets right now, it makes like 9 billion to 3.1 billion dollars of profit and people are not aware of this. So, I was excited to see a movie that a group of people were looking to give awareness about this. I’m glad to play Michelle, the main character Anna’s girlfriend, I’m a lesbian in the film, and it’s kind of like she’s working for the government and she’s fed up with corruption and she goes rogue and forms this underground organization and uses her hacking skills to kind of bring down this big trafficking gang.

How have you prepared for that role mentally?

When I was reading it, Michelle’s character is kind of like a supporting girlfriend that is afraid of her mates life, kind of like when your loved one is involved in something and you fear for them and you hope that they are okay all the time. I approached the role like you know when you’re in a relationship and you care so much about someone, I’m bringing that to this.

How do you plan on helping stop human trafficking?

I’m trying to do a series of events to bring awareness of human trafficking victims we’ve been playing around with titles, and it’s like working titles right now like “Bad Girls for Good Girls” because it’s a lot of young women, 75% of human trafficking is females, so its very sad and a lot of people don’t know. It happens to young females as well and I think people need to wake up and see that it’s real.

Your koi fish tattoo is dope, what do you think of body art as self-expression?

I was always in to tattoos, that’s why I want the world to see more of me, besides what they saw on the show, because I’m a very artistic person;  I love art, I love music and I was always in to the tattoo world, that’s why I’m in to comic books and video games. I feel like its self expression. But on your body. I love people that use their body in tattoo work for good reason, like you want to express yourself, every tattoo means something  and I’m kind of upset of how now its turned into everyone’s getting stupid tattoos. The tattoo world and the art world are sort of tainting, I’m kind of waiting for this fad to go away. I love art on people, like if it’s great work done on your body, as long as it has meaning its okay, but there are just some people that put shit on their body and it has no meaning. I feel like it’s a canvas, canvas’ are not just made for nothing, if you have a strong opinion on something you use your body as a canvas for it.

Photo Credit: Mister Lee Photography