Vixen Chat: Darmirra Brunson Talks Comedy, YouTube Show & More


Darmirra Brunson may not be a household name just yet, but give her some time and this budding comedian will be sure to take over your laughing chords. The Baltimore, MD native and Los Angeles transplant always had the gift of comedic relief, naturally following in the footsteps of her father fellow comedian Darryl Brunson.

The 25-year-old ventured into the realm of YouTube to display her talents for the world, birthing the popular YouTube channel The Darmirra Brunson Show. Itfeatures popular videos such as “Shit Beyonce Says” and “Shit Rihanna Says” and has over two million page views and 40 thousand subscribers to date.

Vixen caught up with the aspiring actress/comedian to talk about her sketch comedy channel, her future aspirations and her original character Gretchen Murdle.–Johnathan Cruse. Photography by Matt Stasi.

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