Vixen Chat: Darmirra Brunson Talks Comedy, YouTube Show & More


When did you first realize you had the gift of comedic relief and voice impersonations?

It really came from my dad and just growing up in the house with someone who is constantly making you laugh and you realize how much of a gift that is and you just naturally take that on. And as far as the voices go, I was always really heavily involved in the performing arts and just playing different characters and different roles. It really allows you to see what your voice can do and the range you have. As far as the celebrity impersonations go, I didn’t tap into that until about few months ago. I recently auditioned for In Living Color and one of the people they wanted you to impersonate was Beyoncé. I remember trying it and the people were like, ‘That’s pretty good.’ So with that, I said I will continue to run with it and see if I can get better with it.

How did the idea of having your own YouTube channel come along? Did you have any personal influences that pushed you along to create one?

I actually had a YouTube channel up for two years and one of my most notable videos that was up on that YouTube channel was the ‘Chris Brown and Rihanna Fight Night Scene’ when we are in the car together and we basically re-enacted that night. Now my old YouTube channel was not nearly as successful as this one is and a hacker chose to delete that channel. So when I started my new channel in February and when I released my second video “Shit Rihanna Says,” that video went viral and it made people ask, ‘Where did she come from?’ when in reality I had been there all along.

Tell me about the character Gretchen Murdle and how she came about? 

I created her when I was a junior in high school, and one day my dad was doing some projects for BET and he brought these weird glasses home and I put them on. The minute I put the glasses on, I just transformed into this character. [My mom and I] went out on the street and we were driving around and I was just like yelling at people as this character and people were laughing. My mom was like, ‘You should call her Gretchen Murdle,’ and we kind of just went with that. I took Gretchen Murdle to a competition and competed in high school and I won first place; I got all types of prizes and scholarships. She was the first character I ever created, so I wanted to present her first on my new YouTube channel which is The Darmirra Show. So far, I’m getting a great response and she loves it. [Laughs]

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