Vixen of the Day: Pinky’Lee


Age: 22
Location: Miami, FL
Occupation: Model/Makeup Artist
Style: Classic Chic
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: My Faux Lashes are like air that I breath..Can’t Live Without!

Inspired By: First, I’m inspired by my sister – she is one of the first women in my family to complete a university degree. I was inspired to want to do so myself. Secondly, I’m inspired by my grandmother. She’s a rock! She showed me how to stand up for myself. She’s a great women from the old school. They just dont make them like her anymore!

A Vixen is…
A Vixen is made of strength and poise. She can take criticism with a humble heart. A Vixen keeps going, even when she’s told she can’t. A Vixen is one hell of a woman!

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