Waka Flocka Takes Over VIBE.com!


Waka Flocka Says: “I want to see some new niggas on the cover of VIBE. The real—new generation. The artists that people are really listening to—not who the magazines or interviews are pushing. Young kids want to see young muthafuckas. No disrespect to like the Snoops, T.I.s, Jeezys, Jay-Zs, but kids want to see young muthafuckas on the covers. They tired of seeing the same people. We want to see new faces.” Links: Waka Flocka Talks ‘Triple F Life’ Collabos: Nicki Minaj, Bun B, Flo-Rida and More Waka Flocka Breaks Down ‘Triple F Life’ Title Waka Flocka Talks Club Paradise, New Album, and More Waka Flocka Doesn’t Read Gossip Blogs, Hates Reality TV Breaking! Waka Flocka Takes Over As VIBE’s Editor-In-Chief Waka Flocka Why He Doesn’t Want to Get Married