Waka Flocka Talks ‘Triple F Life’ Collabos: Nicki Minaj, Bun B, Flo-Rida and More


Before he finished out his day as VIBE.com’s ‘Guest Editor For A Day,’ Waka Flocka played a few of his favorite tracks from his upcoming album, Triple F Life. “Rooster In My Rari” DJ Spinz brought that record to me. I did that probably in February of this year. It was like one of the last songs. “Rooster” is just another way of saying getting head. We been saying that where I’m from. We call that shit rooster [Laughs]. “Candy Paint and Gold Teeth” (feat. Bun B and Ludacris) This shit will go off at barbecues, family reunions all that. I want everybody from the South to feel it. Really, I want that one to be for the people in towns down South that don’t get recognition. I remember Bun B sent his verse right back. I knew I had to get some big dogs on it to solidify it. You never know these guys could hang it up in a year from now. This just solidifies things for me. Tell me when you heard a lame Bun B verse? Never. And I been knowing Ludacris forever, forever. Before I was rapping. “Get Low” (feat. Tyga, Flo-Rida and Nicki Minaj) “This song is just to have fun to. I came to the game in the party scene so I might as well and conquer it before I get to the next level. This CD right here I’m just going to dominate that. I see a lot of people cluttering my lane. “Everybody sent me a crazy verse, Nicki’s verse is crazy. Everybody that heard it says it’s like “Beam Me Up Scotty Nicki.” “Round of Applause” is my weakest single in terms of sales and everything. In my opinion, it is. I love the song but just in terms of everything. I love that motherfucker, don’t get it fucked up but that’s just the fact. To be honest, I ain’t really like “O Let’s Do it” and I ain’t really like “No Hands.” I loved records like “Hard In The Paint.”