Watch ‘Battleship’ Energy Trailer

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Battleship hits theaters tomorrow (May 18) and is guaranteed to have you at the edge of your seat. Not only is it one of the hottest movies to kick off Summer 2012, the cast is extremely easy on the eyes. VIBE got a chance to partake in a Skype interview with the vivacious Rihanna and Colonel Greg Gadson. The two play equally important rolls in the film; Gadson, the spunky war vet who isn’t afraid to kick some alien ass, and Rih the weapons specialist who isn’t afraid to blow your brains out (“the guns” were her favorite part).

VIBE: Do you think the movie was a direct portrayal of the brotherhood within the military?
Greg Gadson: I think it does. It does a great job, and really one of the aspects that I’m really impressed with is how they included actual service members from really three or four different generations going back to I think those that fought in World War II or even Korea. So it really did fuse the brotherhood of those that serve in arms together.

VIBE: Did all of your video acting help this process? Or was it totally new, learning marks and timing?
Rihanna: I thought it would help. But little did I know, it was a completely different beast. It was brand new, and it was a whole different experience. It was a much bigger set. I had to use dialog and I never really use that in my videos; it’s usually just me acting to a track, a musical track. So that was different. Having an accent, too.

Check out this “Energy” trailer as some members of the cast describe the epic battle that unfolds across the seas, in the skies and over land.

Be sure to go see Battleship, in theaters tomorrow!