Watch Biggie and Jay-Z Perform “Get Money” in ’96


Arguably two of the greatest emcees to hail from Brooklyn, Notorious B.I.G and Jay-Z shared a fellowship that extended far beyond hip-hop. But the relationship between the “Brooklyn’s Finest” rappers was tragically cut short, as Jay’s first album Reasonable Doubt was seasoned to debut around the same time of Biggie’s unforeseen murder.

So, recently-surfaced footage of the rap pair trading lines from a “Get Money” performance comes as a rare treat. The video, featuring Hov and Biggie in a pale palette of 90s attire, was shot by hip-hip visionary pioneer Ralph McDaniels at his birthday party in 1996. got the skinny from McDaniels on how the epic clip came to conception

“Every year, I had a birthday party, I wanted to get B.I.G. to host [it], but really I wanted him to perform,” McDaniels explained. “Jay-Z came with the whole Roc-A-Fella crew and they got on stage. I told the DJ, ‘If Biggie gets on stage, play a Biggie song and we’ll get him to perform.’ DJ Ace threw on ‘Get Money’ and the whole crowd went crazy. B.I.G. looks at me like, ‘I guess I’m supposed to perform now, right?’ Jay-Z plays hypeman to B.I.G. on ‘Get Money.’ That just rang through the hood forever.”

And thanks to McDaniels, we won’t need hologram technology to envision this.