Watch The Throne’s Newest Video!


The duo of The Throne have finally released a video for one of the more popular album cuts from their highly successful debut project Watch The Throne. Oh, and who might that duo consist of? Well, only the men that go by the names of Jay-Z and Kanye West. The video is directed by Romain Gavras, known for his gritty scenes and stark scapes of reality, best seen in his work with M.I.A. on videos “Born Free” and “Bad Girls”. Featuring the cool vocals of crooner Frank Ocean, “No Church In The Wild” captures the rawest thoughts of Jay and Ye while they explore the deepest dark theories on love, war, money and life.

The visuals are gripping and fire glazed with the clashing of the people versus the state. Authority in this case can be government or the policing of yourself…if you want to view it that way. It’s refreshing to see that The Throne has committed to adding videos to songs that the people are clearly fans of, as the plan was rumored that no videos would be released for the project which has spawned an European tour, which they are currently on. Concert goers overseas were lucky enough to get sneak peaks at the video at various shows.

Let’s see if another track for the album gets the same showcase treatment. Which song would you like to see The Throne next make into a video?