Wendy Williams Says Meeka Claxton Is Still A Non-Factor


got no sympathy after her physical altercation with Tami Roman on the last season of Basketball Wives, and a year later still nobody seems to care that she was bullied by Tami. That sentiment goes for viewers of the show and media personalities who Meeka reached out to after she filed her lawsuit over the assault.

Yesterday, sites were buzzing over Meeka’s blog post, “Am I Less of a Human Being?” in which she questioned why nobody had her back on season 3 but suddenly petitions are being signed and big names like Star Jones and Wendy Williams are backing initiatives to take the show off the air. Never one to back down from a confrontation, since Meeka decided to boldly put Wendy Williams’ name in the mix on Twitter, the talk show host went ahead and let her know why she didn’t care about her fight on the series. She said, “You’re a non-factor. Who cares about you?”

She also added:

“I couldn’t even figure out why you signed up to be on the show. “I know that you’ve got a very large mansion out on Long Island. I know that [husband, Speedy Claxton] still has his money. He loves you and adores you, so why would you be on the show with those trouble-making girls? That’s a stupid decision, Mrs. Claxton.”

Wendy basically put the responsibility back on Meeka like most of those who saw the Italy fight did because Meeka’s instigating seemed to make her just as guilty as Tami. Wendy did add that she thought the fight between the women was a one-time thing and wouldn’t be a recurring problem like it is on almost every episode in season 4, but that excuse did little to soothe Meeka’s feelings on the situation. In an interview with Sister 2 Sister, she described her reaction to Wendy’s harsh words.

“My jaw dropped,” Meeka said. “I had reached out to Wendy because I felt that we were parallel. She would feel that this violence is making us look bad and things of that nature. So, the comments that ‘no one cares about you’ and ‘you’re a non-factor,’ honestly, that’s f_cked up.”

Effed up, indeed.