What Did Listeners Think Of Lil Wayne’s Diss Record “Goulish?”



Vince [email protected]
by far lil wayne diss to pusha was mad weak makes you think where is his ghost writer at ??

LEFT [email protected]
Lil Wayne’s diss to Pusha T was one of the world’s worst diss records. Not only was it wack, it made Drake look like he can’t defend himself

HONEYBEEZ IN DA TRAP [email protected]
That Pusha T diss was the weakest sh*t i’ve EVER heard! Those tight leggings and UGG boot are getting to Lil Wayne’s head smh!

BrandNewGuy [email protected]
Lil Wayne probably the only rapper to make a diss then go skate right after.

BITCH_WHO_IT’S_ME [email protected]
Lil Wayne so brain damaged from drugs, he forgot to diss Pusha T on this Pusha T diss track

Frank Maccia [email protected]_entine420
Lil Wayne’s attempt to diss Pusha T was garbage

JJ Williamson [email protected]
Well it looks like Lil Wayne’s only good line in his diss track was the one that he stole from @PUSHA_T. #lifefail #burythebeef

Smokey From Friday [email protected]
Lil Wayne diss track to Pusha T was…..Well, Let’s just say Pusha T has won round 1.

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