When’s the Right Time to Start Dating Again?


It always seems that when you dive into any new relationship, time goes at warp speed. First you’re talking online, then texting, then talking on the phone, then going on dates (give or take a few), then suddenly you’re cuffed! But once a relationship comes crashing down, everyone finds that their emotional clock runs at a different pace.

When you’ve been in a committed relationship for a couple months to several years, there’s always an emotional investment that you never completely get reimbursed for, especially when it ends. You’ll find that any song or random item can trigger an unwanted nostalgia that will keep you reminiscing on this, that and the third.

But how much time is considered enough for grieving and then the subsequent dating again? I confess that I’ve been the type to keep it moving. Never been a fan of sulking and wasting away my life over shoulda, coulda, woulda’s when I could be out there accomplishing things to occupy my mind and time. But it also doesn’t mean I was out trying to become another’s “wifey” immediately after chucking the deuces to the previous beau.